3 Truths to Remember When You Make a Mistake

When you are leading worship there is so much to be thinking about. Chord progressions. Upcoming lyrics. If the drummer will land the next fill. (Sorry drummers…easy target.) But what happens when we miss the mark and completely blow it? I have a few thoughts and they might not just be for worship leaders, but for all of us.

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I remember convincing myself that I didn’t need a lyric sheet. I had done these songs a thousand times. It was a simple 3 songs set that ended with the classic song, Jesus Paid It All. The band was rehearsed. Our transitions were perfect. We were ready to go.

Everything was going smoothly as we transitioned into Jesus Paid It All. The church had responded very well to the first two songs and this one was going to blow the roof off of the place. I played through the intro and stepped up to the mic. That’s when it happened…my mind went blank.

What do you do?

I quickly opened my eyes to check my lyric sheet only to be reminded that I didn’t bring it with me. “What should I do?” I thought. “Ahh…got it!” I turned around to check the screen behind me only to be met with the reality that they were waiting for me to start the song before putting up the lyrics. Oh man. What now?

I then turned towards Sarah, who was singing with me that week, and desperately tried to stare holes through her until she realized I was in need of her assistance. Finally, she looked at me. With fear in my eyes I whispered, “what’s the first line?” Wide eyed she stared back and me and said, “I don’t know…”.

That’s when reality set it. I had no other option than to make it very obvious that I had screwed up. So I did the only thing I knew to do. I stopped and said, “I can’t lie, everyone, I have forgotten the lyrics.”

Everyone laughed. The lyrics came up on the screen and we moved on.

Moving Forward

Mistakes are a scary thing. Something you try to avoid at all costs. Even when you prepare well, one thing is for sure, mistakes will happen. With that being the reality, let’s look at 3 truths to remember when you make a mistake.

  • Remember no one is immune. Isn’t it funny how you know that no one is perfect, but yet expect to be perfect? That’s not real life. Real life is messy. Filled with spilled milk and color outside of the lines. Mistakes will happen and everyone makes them. This is a simple truth that you need to remember.
  • Remember to learn all you can. The times you fall short tend to be the times you learn the most. You hear story after story of those who failed hundreds of time before finding success. Even Thomas Edison is famously quoted saying, “I have not failed. I just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” So be sure to learn all that you can when you make a mistake.
  • Remember to refuse to let it define you. The moment you realize a mistake has been made the voice inside begins to speak. He sees it as an opportunity to distract you from making the impact your life is destined for. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the lies. You can’t allow yourself to be defined by your mistakes.

Final Thoughts

We all make mistakes on the stage and in life. Honestly, it would have been really easy for me to walk away from the Sunday I forgot the lyrics and say, “never again”. To magnify my mistake and let it define me. To refuse to learn from it and think that I was alone in making an error.

No matter what you are facing today remember that the mistakes are part of life. If you allow, these mistakes can be used as a catalyst for growth. This might be a simple truth we all know, but I hope it serves as a reminder for you today.

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Now go make big mistakes.

Question: Have you ever made an embarrassing mistake? How did you move past it? What did you learn?


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