7 Easily Overlooked Ways to Save Money When Recording

When it comes to recording a record in today’s market there are so many options and so many ways it can be done. What’s the best practice? How can you get the best product without losing your shirt in the process?

I have been blessed to be apart of dozens of records over the years. Small independent records all the way to full blown international releases. Each project brings a fun and exciting challenges, but there is always one overarching question everyone is trying to answer…

How can we get the best quality product at the lowest possible cost?

Through my experience I have seen many ways to accomplish this, but for me there are seven simply ways you can make sure to save money on your next recording.

  1. Plan In Advance

Such a simple concept, but it’s amazing how often we don’t sit down and plan out our records. It’s like catching a cold, all of the sudden we realize that we need to record something and we book studio time and we’re off.

Taking the time to put a plan together (even long before your next record) will go a long way in helping you save money.

  1. Practice

I’ve done it. You’ve done it. We’ve all done it. But the studio is not the time to finish writing your songs. In fact, when you get in the studio every part should be second nature. That comes with practice. 

You should know your songs forwards and backwards before you ever step foot in the studio. Doing so will insure you execute each part with speed and accuracy, which will save you time and time is money.

Disclaimer: There are instances when you need to have some time to create in the studio (that’s the fun part), but put boundaries around that time so you don’t get sucked into the time warp and blow your budget on the first song. 

  1. Do Pre-Production

Much like planning in advance pre-production is that, but for your songs. Know your tempos, how your going to build the arrangement, and what instrumentation you want (and need) on each song.

If you have tracks, loops, or anything you can do before you go into the studio make sure they are all ready to go with the right file type, etc. Pre-Production is the key to a quick and successful studio session.

  1. Do Your Homework

In today’s market there are more than enough options when it comes to recording a record. It seems like everyone (and their brother) has a studio and they all want you to work with them. Although it can be overwhelming take the time to do your homework.

Look at each studio and what they offer. Ask good questions. Make sure you choose a studio that fits your needs in the best way possible. The only way you can make a good decision is by doing your homework. It will take time, but it will save you tons on the back end.

  1. Budget

When it comes to recording an album it’s really easy to let your desire to record drive your financial ability to record. Don’t let this happen. Be wise and don’t let your creative passion get you in trouble when recording.

Put together a budget and make sure you stick to it. Recording is necessary, but it’s easy to spend money you don’t have in today’s industry. Don’t let that happen to you.

  1. Hire The Right Team

In order to get the best record possible you are going to need some help. Even if you are able to record everything at home, you’ll still need others to bring everything to life.

Consider hiring a producer, project manager, or someone to make the final decisions. As creatives it’s easy to get really picky and never be satisfied with what you create, but in order to get anything done you have to be ok with letting it go. This is what a producer or project manager can do for you.

Don’t feel you have to pay someone to do this. Simply giving someone that authority, someone you trust, will go a long way in helping you stay on track and get things done!

  1. Record (What You Can) At Home

Again sounds really simple to write in a post like this, but with technology today you can totally record an album that sounds really good at home. Even if you don’t know what you are doing. You can learn as you go by watching Youtube videos or taking online classes that help you do what you don’t know how to do…yet.

Idea: Consider recording all of the drums at a local studio, then do the rest at your house and sub out mix and master. This is a simple and easy way to save some money and get a project you’re proud of. You can do it! 

There are so many ways to produce a record. And getting one your proud of and can affronts takes some time and practice. Get out there and see what you can do.

We need to experience your art, so let’s go!!

Question: What are some ways you have learned to save money on recording? Comment below or on Facebook and Twitter. 


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