Sometimes All Hope Is Lost

Have you ever lost hope? Maybe in a situation, in a friend, or in life. When you find yourself in that position it is really difficult to will yourself from its grip. It sucks you in and holds you hostage, but all it takes is a spark, a simple single spark to bring you back.

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This time of year is really hard on my positive outlook in life. The sun goes away for weeks at a time. The cold air cuts through me so quickly. Cabin fever sets in and all I can do is hope for spring to arrive.

Hope. It’s something so small, but yet so powerful. When we loose hope it’s really hard to will yourself into action. Everything feels difficult and the days drag on. When we loose hope we loose ourselves.

I think we’ve all been there in some way before. When we are in that position it is very difficult to find our way out, but yet it only that small spark to help us find it again. That’s what this week’s post is all about. Offering HOPE.

Behind the Music

The start of this track keeps moving like someone on a search for treasure. Let’s call that treasure hope. You’re always looking, keeping your eyes out for something to help you find it.

As the track moves into the second part there is tension, it’s hard to find hope once you’ve lost it. It can be discouraging, but yet you keep searching.

From there the spark is found. It starts small, but it grows and grows. It continues until the spark has turned your search into full on hope. The treasure is found.

Have you lost hope?

Maybe you need some hope today. The sun has set and you are in need of a sunrise. Maybe…just maybe, this track can be a spark of hope for you today. Hang in there because your sun will rise again.

Question: What helps you when you have lost all hope?


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