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Studio FB Live Session 033: Let The Silence In

I read a statistic this week that more than 60% of the population is stressed, filled with anxiety, and flat out overwhelmed. That is not fun at all and I know because I’m there with you. That’s why I started this project. In this session, I continue the work on my new (untitled) project that […]

Studio FB Live Session 032: The Unknown

  Whenever you are consistently creating new music some song seem to land better than other ones. Sometimes you connect to one song more than other ones, and sometimes you just LOVE creating whatever song you are creating. That’s exactly what happened during this week’s session of Studio FB Live. My buddy John, aka Valpo, […]

Studio FB Live Session 030: Snowing In Springtime

I’m pretty sure that most of the United States are upset about this crazy “springtime” weather. Right when we think that Winter is over and Spring has arrived…bam! Back to Winter. haha. With this being the case my buddy John (aka Valpo) and I decided to write a song about it snowing in Springtime. THE […]

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Studio FB Live Session 029: Space & Stars

I’ve always been fascinated with space. I can remember how excited I always was when I heard that we would be talking looking at the constellations in science class. I’m not sure what it was, but I’ve always been captivated by the stars. THE SESSION Because of that, I had an idea to do a […]

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Studio FB Live Session 028: Perspective

This session is all about playing guitar. I was asked by my buddy Ben Cannon to play guitar on an album he was putting together. This is one of the songs that had some fun guitar work to figure out. Ben’s album is called Perspective and will come out April 28th, 2018 so be sure […]

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Studio FB Live Session 027: Let’s Dance

Every once in a while I get an opportunity to create a track for a fellow songwriter. This is something I’ve always loved because I get to help tell the musical story from the beginning of the creative process. That is what this week’s session is all about. Check it out and tell me what […]

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Studio FB Live Session 025: The Ghost Returns

Oh man, was this a great Studio FB Live Session!! I had my buddy John Staub (Windowsoul) join me for another writing session this week. This one wasn’t as “easy” as the first time, but we pushed through and started a great song called Congratulations. I think you will like it…check it out. The Session To […]