Studio FB Live Session 015: The Beginning

It happened. I released it. My debut album The Beginning officially launched on Friday, November 3rd at the Fountain Square Brewery. Wow…I’m honestly speechless. This album took over 7 years and lots of fights with self-doubt to complete. I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who helped me make this happen, plus everyone who […]

Studio FB Live Session 013: Even More Artists

Well, we had a few technical difficulties, but we got it done in one way or another. This week I introduce you to two more artists that will be joining me on November 3rd. I also might tell you the name of the first ever band I was in. It’s epic…trust me. Bradford Smith Bradford […]

Studio FB Live Session 010: Rest

Does the creative brain ever shut off? This is a question I have been wrestling with the past few weeks. My mind seems to always be searching for that new and fresh idea. The spark that will ignite the forest fire of creative expression. If I’m honest, it’s pretty exhausting.

Studio FB Live Session 009: Community

Creative living can be a very lonely and vulnerable place to be. Fear and insecurities creep in and keep us from really being able to spread our wings and fly. It holds us back and doesn’t allow us to really live the life we were meant to live. That said I believe there is a […]

Studio FB Live Session 008: Your Art Is Important

As artists and creatives, we often have a deep desire to make a difference. To somehow make the world we live in a better place. We feel deeply and want others to experience what we feel through our creative expression. But what does that look like? This past week I came across this quote form […]

Studio FB Live Session 007: Showing Up

As I sat down at the computer this week I didn’t want to be there. I didn’t feel creative, I was tired, and if I’m really honest with you, I was struggling with imposter syndrome. It didn’t help that my day job had been kicking my butt and when you add all of that up […]