No, I Will Not Forgive You!

Extending forgiveness sucks when someone hurts you. It’s hard, and in certain situations, feels impossible. I’m learning there is no clear cut path to forgiveness, but there are a few steps that we can begin to take. This year I was deeply hurt by someone very close to me. To this day I can still hear his […]

Have We Lost The Art of Silence

We live in a very noisy world. It’s a truth you don’t often realize until you find yourself in a quiet place. Silence is almost deafening. It feels awkward and unnatural. But I’m beginning to learn that the art of silence is life changing. For as long as I can remember I have slept with […]

Why Accepting Your Story Is So Important

I love stories. I’ll listen to anything Don Miller teaches about story. I try to be a better storyteller. I even named my daughter story. So when it comes to living my story I’m learning that it is very easy for me to change myself into a character I was never meant to be. When […]

How To Embrace Your Pain

Stop and think about the last time you thought about pain in a way that was positive. You probably haven’t. No, pain is something we try to avoid at all costs. But what if we began to see the purpose in our pain and started using it to fuel us forward? I believe it’s possible. […]

3 Truths to Remember When You Make a Mistake

When you are leading worship there is so much to be thinking about. Chord progressions. Upcoming lyrics. If the drummer will land the next fill. (Sorry drummers…easy target.) But what happens when we miss the mark and completely blow it? I have a few thoughts and they might not just be for worship leaders, but […]