Do You Really Know Why You Do That

Growing up I loved to collect rocks. I never really thought about why until recently. But once I did I was blown away by what it taught me about discovering yourself. Over the past few months, I have been on a journey to rediscover me. Life had put me in a tailspin, so I knew […]

3 Ways To Successfully Create Margin In Your Life

NOTE: This is a guest post from my friend and fellow creative, Dustin Pead. Dustin is the Creative Arts Pastor at Friendship Church on the Southside of Indianapolis. You can learn a little more about him here. Or connect with him on Twitter. Most of us would say that we would be more creative if […]

4 Out of the Box Ways to Grow Your Worship Team

A common question I often hear from pastors and worship leaders is, “How do I grow my worship team?” It doesn’t matter the size or location of your church, it’s an issue we all have dealt with. So let’s talk about some practical ways to grow your team. Over the years I have observed one […]

A Simple Change To Help You Clarify Your Communication

When it comes to leadership there is one topic that we can never talk about enough. Communication. The way we communicate is the linchpin in our leadership. Learning to become a better communicator will always strengthen your ability to lead. There are many factors of communication we could talk about, but I’m learning one this […]

The Power of Living Life With a Vision

We all have an idea of where we want to be in life. Not always the best way on how to get there. There are many experts out there, but who do you listen to? I took some notes from one of the best leaders out there today, Michael Hyatt. He gave me an easy […]

The Danger of Playing the Comparison Game

In today’s culture, it’s really easy to fall into the comparison trap. With social media feeding us the highlight reels of everyone we’ve ever know. Advertising showing us all we don’t have. And need… Before we know it contentment escapes us. Leaving us empty and searching for more. But the comparison game is a slippery […]

How To Rethink Your Pain

Let’s face it. Life is tough. It beats us up and leaves us for dead. Just when we think we are safe another wave knocks us down and sends us into a tailspin. It’s really easy to get upset and stop trying. But we can’t give up. There is too much at stake. Plus it’s […]

The Good, The Bad, The Stress

NOTE: This is a guest post from my good friend Benjamin Cannon. Ben is the brains behind such companies as Spark Joy Music and Shine Indy. He is passionate about music and is an all around great guy. You can find him on the Spark Joy website, Facebook or Twitter. Stress can be one of […]