The Truth About The Way You Think

Let’s face it the music industry is changing. No one really knows what’s going on. As independent artists it’s easy to allow the unknowns to scare us. To frustrate us. Even allow us to become jaded. In the wake of such change, what do we need to do? How do we navigate these new waters? […]

Why Creating Your Community Is So Important

Artists are driven by the desire to create from what comes deep within. We take dreams and ideas and construct something tangible for others to consume. A lyric. A painting. Each time striving to be better than before. But in doing so we can isolate ourselves, and that’s the last thing need to do. That’s […]

Surefire Way to Grow as a Writer

Often I find myself looking at how other creative’s work and I can’t help but feel a little jealous. How did they get so far? Why isn’t what I’m doing working like it is for them? What do they know that I don’t know? The questions seem to pile up quicker than I can find […]

One Thing Every Successful Person Has To Do

Most of the time when a video goes viral they are full of cat tricks or baby’s laughing. Then every once in a while one will get spread around that is full of truth and inspiration. That’s exactly what happened this last week. Did you see it? I was sitting at my desk when a […]

3 Ways to Unlock This Years Success

It’s a new year, a fresh start. For some of us this means sitting down to write out our goals and resolutions, while others are just waiting to see what’s around the corner. No matter what type of person you are, how can we make sure to take full advantage of this coming year? I have […]

How to Stop Dreaming and Start Doing

There I was again, sitting with pen in hand staring at the blank page. I tried to think of something, I mean don’t get me wrong I knew what I wanted, I just couldn’t seem to find the courage to write it all down. As I looked around the room I was flooded by the reality that everyone […]

3 Simple Ways to Discover The Artist In You

Have you ever found yourself looking at someone else’s life and becoming slightly jealous? As you peer into their lives you only hope that one day you could do what they do. You have a desire to paint so every painter you see is living your dream life. You want to be a musician so […]