Studio FB Live Session 024: Continue On

In session 023 I tried my hand at creating by allowing Logic to create a drumbeat for me. It was a lot of fun and ended up coming together very nicely. If you haven’t seen that one yet, I would suggest going and checking it out. It was a lot of fun. This week was […]

Studio FB Live 023: Fresh Start

I love being able to walk into the studio with no idea at all and walk out with something created and moving forward. That’s what this week’s Studio FB Live Session was all about. I purposefully walked in without an idea in hopes that within an hour I could have something presentable. I wasn’t looking for […]

Studio FB Live Session 022: Creative Boundaries

Some days I struggle with creative inspiration often because of the endless possibilities that are before me. Which way should I go? What idea should I tackle first? Whenever I get this way a little trick I try to do is give myself boundaries to creative within. This forces me into a box then allows […]

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Studio FB Live Session 020: Build

New Year Resolutions…a love-hate relationship. In years past, when crossing over into a new year I would set as many resolutions as I could. No matter how hard I tried I quickly became part of the 80% who quit them all before February. Last year I decided to try something different and chose a guiding word […]

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Studio FB Live Session 019: micro KORG Rebirth

When I was in college I picked up a cutting-edge new synthesizer called the Micro Korg. This thing was so was fun to mess around with. The sounds it produced was like nothing I knew as a guitar player. Arpegiators, synth leads, full drum loops were right there at the click of the keyboard. Although it was […]

Studio FB Live Session 018: Guitar Haven

Over the past couple of years, as I have been begun to create more and more instrumental music, it has forced me to brush up on my piano skills. For most of my life, I have solely been a guitar player and never really wanted to be anything more, but I have adapted over the years […]

Studio FB Live Session 017: Stranger Things

This session of Studio FB Live is all about music for tv/film. I have a pretty cool opportunity to be able to begin to create some music for tv/film. This is really exciting for me because I have always had this secret desire to score a film, so this is the start of a journey that […]

Studio FB Live Session 016: Collaboration

During this weeks session of Studio FB Live, we are talking all about collaboration. I recently had the wonderful opportunity to team up with my good buddy John Staub to work on a track we are calling Home. It was a grand experiment because John and I had never worked together before, but we decided to try it […]