Do You Really Know Why You Do That

Growing up I loved to collect rocks. I never really thought about why until recently. But once I did I was blown away by what it taught me about discovering yourself.

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Over the past few months, I have been on a journey to rediscover me. Life had put me in a tailspin, so I knew I needed to stop and remember who I was all along. 

Looking Inward

In order to do this, I began by revisiting all of the personality tests I’ve taken over the years. The DISC test. The Strengths Finder. The Standout Assessment.

From there I started reading books about finding my purpose and calling. (Note: my two recommendations would be Jeff Goins, The Art of Work and Louis Efron, Find a Job, Career, and Life You Love.) 

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One day as I was reading Louis’s book he ended a chapter with a simple question that stumped me. He asked, “What were you fascinated with as a child?” This question took me back. I wasn’t sure. Only one thing came to mind but it seemed silly. So I decided to sleep on it.

I woke up with my head still spinning. What was I fascinated with as a child? The more I tried to figure it out the more confused I became. So I decided to ask the one person who knew me the best as a child…my mom.

As soon as I asked her she said the same thing that came I thought of the day before.

I liked to collect rocks…

“Thanks, mom, that’s a big help.” I thought sarcastically. But as we began to talk about it something happened. Lightbulbs came on and the dots began to connect.

Lightbulb Moment

It wasn’t collecting the rock that mattered, it was why I was collecting them that made all the difference. It was about the hunt. The journey for something new and exciting. Like a pioneer on the next grand adventure.

I sat back in my chair as it all became clear. The reason I collected rocks, loved music so much, and even why I felt discontent in my work. All of it became clear.

Beneath the surface of what I knew about myself was something much deeper. Something that put it all together. Finally, I had found me.

What About You

So what does this have to do with you? Well, if you are struggling with your calling. Your work. The reason you are here. Know that it can be found below the surface of what you already know about yourself. It just takes some time and effort (and lots of prayers) to bring it out.

There are many ways to make this discovery, but try these 4 steps to bring clarity to yourself and your calling.

  1. Study your personality

It doesn’t matter what test you take, just pick one. I lean towards the DISC test because it is so widely known and has a ton of good information and resources to go along with it. If you’ve taken one before simply go over the results again. Remember to dig below the surface of what you see. There is gold down there.

  1. Ask what fascinated you as a child

This might sound silly but it was a game changer for me. As a child, you are free to be who you are. There’s nothing hindering you or clawing for your time and responsibility. You are real and raw. You are you. In discovering this truth you will begin to see a glimpse of who you naturally are. Run with that.

  1. Look below the surface

Collecting rocks. Playing music. Being optimistic. These are all characteristics I knew about myself but once I began to dig into the why behind my motives I saw there was something deeper. Something that taught me who I was all along. Dig into the underbelly of what you naturally do and see what you begin to discover. You just might find something spectacular.


You know what blew me away the most about this process? The fact that what I discovered was validated in every personality test I took over the years. Page after page pointing to who I was and why I was that way. It was amazing. I believe you will find the same to be true as you begin your search.

I’ll leave you with a small disclaimer. I’m not telling you to do this because I have figured it all out and now I’m living my dreams. No. I telling you this because I’m on the journey too. It’s not perfect, but it has helped me so far. 

I hope it helps you as well, as you begin to discover your calling and why you were created.

Best of luck and keep up the fight. #createyourart

Question: What fascinated you as a child? Do you see that in your personality and work today?


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