Studio FB Live Episode 002: Don’t Give Up

Sometimes you just have to keep pushing forward. That is the essence of this track; perseverance. There were times when I felt I needed to abandon this one, but sometimes you just need to refuse to give up. This was one of those times! Here’s to another successful episode of Studio FB Live.

Before I went live I spend some time addressing some drum issues I was having. The hi-hat just wasn’t right. After what felt like a thousand attempts I simply deleted it and who knew, that was exactly what it needed. Once the drums felt a little better I doubled the electric guitar part to bring in some more pop. I really like how it landed. From there it was time to start the live session.

The Week

During this week’s session, I wanted to try and add some moving synth parts to the chorus to bring some texture and interesting vibes to the track. I landed one that I really liked and will probably live past mix, but not all of them will.

What I really enjoyed from this week was the extra guitar parts I added. I feel that they set the chorus off in a way I wasn’t expecting. I love layering guitar parts and probably could get carried away at times, but these parts really added something special.

What’s Next

I’m going to call this track done and send it to my buddy Aaron so he can write lyrics and a melody. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together. That said if you want me to send you the track when it’s done simply sign up below and you get all of the updates and a download of all the tracks I do throughout the year.

Join me.

Question: That said, what are you working on? What struggles are you facing and trying to work through? Keep pushing and #createyourart

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