Maybe It’s Time To See Your Problems As A Blessing

Have you ever just wanted out of your situation? Desperately longing for it all to be over so you can simply move on. It’s in those moments when God feels distant and uninterested. But what if that isn’t exactly true?

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My dad is a math genius. An accountant by trade, he really understands numbers and how to make them work for you. If this tells you anything, he is the kind of guy who can type on a calculator without even looking at it. That’s superhuman if you ask me. 


Because of this, he was always tasked with helping me with my math homework. Now before you go and assume that the math gene was simply passed on to me just know…it wasn’t. It must not extend through to the youngest child or something.

One night in typical fashion I was struggling with my homework. I had spent hours trying to figure it out with no luck. Seeing my distress dad quickly stepped in. Explaining my issue I desperately wanted him to tell me the answer so I could just be done and move on. He did not…

Instead, he asked me what I thought. Coached me through my struggles and lead me to discover the answer on my own.

And man did that tick me off…

I wanted to be done but my dad wanted me to learn. I kicked and screamed and threw a fit, but he knew the struggle was part of the learning process. It didn’t matter how much I despised the process, it was what I needed to grow.

What About God

I can’t help but wonder if the same is true with God. When we come face to face with a situation that causes us discomfort and pain, does he find it more appropriate to lead us through it instead of removing it from us? This idea hit me between the eyes a few days ago when I hear this quote from Steven Furtick. He said,

“Maybe God hasn’t saved you from your problems because he wants to save you through your problems.”

Whoa whoa whoa. Wait a minute. So you’re saying that maybe God allows tough situations in order to help save us and mature us?


Looking back on my life I can see the most painful times in my life, as the most maturing times. I never wanted to experience them, but I see Gods hand leading me through them every step of the way. Growing up in the church this is not the view I had on God. I thought life would only get easier in time, but it didn’t. I believed comfort to be a sign I was doing it “right”. It wasn’t…

A Way To Grow

So have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, your situation is there to bring about personal growth you didn’t know was possible? Maybe your pain is extended from the hand of a loving father who wants to see you grow into something you didn’t know existed.

Just like my dad, who wanted the best for me, God is a loving father who wants the best for you. But often what we believe is best for us is not what we need. Believe it or not, God is for you. He cares for you. Believes in you.

So think about it…

Maybe God hasn’t saved you from your problems because he wants to save you through your problems.

Question: Have you ever seen God work through your pain in amazing ways? 


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