On The Other Side Of The Shadow

Have you ever had an experience where no matter what is happening around you, you still have joy? Not just having a good day because everything was working in your favor. I’m talking about pure, undeniable joy.

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Last week I turned thirty-three. Although I understand this does not make me old, I can’t help but slightly cringe when I say the number out loud. When I was twenty, thirty was a lifetime away. Although in theory, it hasn’t been that long, it’s been a lifetime of living…or so it seems.

The past couple of years has been a doozy. Ups and downs. Death and loss. It’s felt as if it was a never ending cycle of life slapping me in the face. Yes, it was difficult, but boy oh boy did I learn a lot about myself and the world I live in. I wouldn’t want to go back and do it again, but I wouldn’t trade what I have learned for anything.

My Birthday

This is why when I woke up on my birthday last week I couldn’t help but notice the undeniable joy I felt. It didn’t make sense. I didn’t have a good reason for it or something magical planned that day. I was simply full of joy.

I guess that’s what joy is, though, right? Finding happiness, contentment, and peace even if everything around you isn’t perfect. It never will be perfect and if we are waiting for the stars to align in order to find joy we will be waiting for a while. This is the biggest lesson I have learned this past year…

Because of this joy I went and grabbed my guitar and began to play this simple idea. An idea that stems from the pure, unexplainable joy I felt the morning of my thirty-third birthday. I hope you enjoy it and can only pray that it sparks a little bit of joy in you today as well.


Today no matter what you are facing simply know that “this to shall pass” and joy can be found even in the worst of circumstances. Smile. Dance. Find joy today.


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