The Power of Living Life With a Vision

We all have an idea of where we want to be in life. Not always the best way on how to get there. There are many experts out there, but who do you listen to? I took some notes from one of the best leaders out there today, Michael Hyatt. He gave me an easy way to clarify my vision so that I can achieve what I know is inside of me. I guarantee it will help you too.


The past few weeks I have been preparing for a talk I’ll be giving at a local conference here in Indy. I start out by telling a story from my teenage years. A time when I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. In my notes, I wrote “most of the time I just let life happen to me, instead of happening to life.”

As soon as I finished that sentence I sat back and thought about what I had just written. A question struck me. Had I really ever stopped letting life “just happen?” I was taken back by that thought. If I was honest, I wasn’t really sure.

This sent me on a journey… 

Over the next few days, I decided to do some research. I read all I could. I listened to podcasts. I even spoke with my councilor about where I was and how I got here. Determined to discover if I had really stopped letting life just happen.

As I began to study I came across a podcast from the great Michael Hyatt entitled, How Vision Effects Productivity. Little did I know the impact that it would have on me. Michael began to speak on the idea of how our vision for our life, business, or idea has to be defined first. He began to unfold the idea that everything we do needs to be driven by our vision. So I began to wonder.

Do I have a vision?

Do I know where I wanted to go?

I wasn’t sure…

But Michael convinced me that I needed to take the time to define the vision for my life before anything else could be done. So that’s what I did. I locked myself away and followed the few simple steps laid out. I guess I was a little skeptical at first, but I was shocked at how easy it all came together.

I began to understand my what

Now I can figure out my how

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. -Jonathan Swift Click To Tweet

Have you ever found yourself there? Feeling like you have just coasted to where you are instead of intentionally choosing your destination. I have. That’s why I feel like Michael’s podcast was so important. It gave me direction when I didn’t even know I needed it.

I think you will benefit from the ideas I found in this podcast too. Will you try it? Take the time to listen to it and apply the ideas inside.

Michael suggests that we write out our vision. Here is how he suggest doing so.

1. Get alone with a journal

There is something about writing down your discoveries that are so needed. Yes, you can use a computer, but I encourage you (much like Michael does) to use pen and paper.

2. Make sure you won’t be interrupted

The best way to do this is by first turning your cell phone off or place it in airplane mode. Tell your family where you are, but be intentional about making sure you won’t be interrupted. This is very important.

3. Take some quiet time to pray/meditate 

Even if you aren’t a spiritual person this is necessary. When you take the time to quiet yourself you’ll be amazed at the clarity you can begin to find. As a person of faith, I believe that I need to ask for outside guidance as I begin to look inward.

4. Jot down your current reality

Are you currently in a job you don’t care for? Are you depressed and unsure of what’s next? Take some time to write down exactly where you are, including all the ugly parts. This gives you the foundation needed to move forward.

5. Write down what you want to see happen

I love what Michael says about this. He encourages you to write these in bullet points like they have already happened. So as you are dreaming you are writing it down as reality. This is so powerful. It begins to give life to your dreams in a way you’ll never expect. Try it.

6. Share it with your team/friends/family

We all have friends or family around us. They need to hear and help shape what we have written down. Often others see our blinds spots long before we do. Take the time to share your vision with those closets to you.

7. Commit to reading it daily

This one is really basic, but it’s necessary. When we take the time to read what we see every day, we begin to move in that direction naturally. Print it out. Put it in a picture frame. Do whatever you need to do in order to read your vision every day.

We must get clear on what we want to do or achieve before anything can happen. Click To Tweet

Could it be that our success stands between us and the time it takes to write out our vision? I believe that it does. I truly encourage you to take some time to follow these simple steps. I know that when I did it gave me new found focus. Not just allow life to happen but happen to life.

I want this for you too. 

My thanks to Michael for his simple yet profound steps to help define our vision and begin to succeed in life. For more information and great resources check out

Question: Do you feel like you have just drifted in life? If so, what do you plan on doing to change that reality?



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