A Powerful Life Lesson I Learned From My Daughter

There is a drive deep down within each of us that says, “I can do it.” We want to prove we have something to offer this world. Although it’s good to show up each day and give it our all, trying to prove ourselves can really hold us back.

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This October my daughter, Story, will be turning two years old . Because she’s my first, each new stage is a new adventure for me as well. Right now her independence is beginning to blossom. It started with her car seat.

She absolutely loves to climb in the car all by herself. The journey usually begins with her begging for me to put her own so she can start her ascent. Then it ends with, “I did it! High-five, Dada.” The cuteness factor is off the charts, but I know I am a little biased.

Then this happened

The other day as she was halfway up, her feet got a little tangled. As she did the best to figure out her next move, she did something that was so simple, yet so powerful. She turned around and said, “Help, Dada.” Of course, I gave her the support she needed to untangle her legs and finish the climb.

As usual, as she settled in her seat, she looked up at me and said, “I did it! High-five, Dada.”

What if we did that?

As we drove down the road, I couldn’t help but reflect on this small, yet powerful encounter. Her desire to be independent was not shaken by her ability to stop and ask for help. It didn’t faze her to realize she needed a helping hand. So she asked for it.

This simple idea challenged me. My two-year-old daughter was teaching me how the world works. I can ask for help without losing who I am and what I offer to the world. The same goes for you.

What holds us back?

The reasons we don’t ask for help can vary.



Inconveniencing others. 

Looking dumb.

But what would it look like if we began to move beyond these feelings and embrace the fact that it’s ok to ask for help? What would the world look like if we all embraced the child-like trust my daughter showed me the other day? I believe we would be shocked.

Here are three ways why asking for help is so important.

  1. It breaks down pride, worry, and fear. When we learn to step beyond the emotional hangups of asking for help, we can truly be free from pride, worry, and fear. It’s not easy but so necessary to learn and grow.
  2. It connects us. When we are able to ask for help from those around us, it begins to connect us on a new level. It helps us remove our masks and stand before others totally vulnerable and revealing our need. In those moments we powerfully connect with others.
  3. It moves us forward. Learning to ask for help moves us forward faster. Refusing to look to others for help keeps us stuck longer than needed. Simply asking for help gets you unstuck and moving forward.
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This idea might seem too simple to be addressed. But what if my pride was keeping me from asking for help? What would my life look like if I had the strength of my two-year-old daughter to simply say, “Help, Dada.”

Question: Is it hard for you to ask for help? What makes it difficult for you to take that step?


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