Studio FB Live: Session 003: The Road Back Home

This week during the session I started a completely new track. I came in only knowing that I wanted to create something based on a drum track I heard in an Alt-J song I was listening to last week. I wasn’t really sure if I would come out with anything worth while, but I was pleasantly surprised by what happened.

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My goal was to complete the song outline by the end of the session. What I mean by that is lay out the intro, verse, chorus, and bridge progression (on keys or guitar) and copy and paste the sections until the track has a backbone to it. Although I didn’t completely get that done I was very happy with the intro and verse vibe that I was able to get down.

The Process

I started by listening to the Alt-J song, Tessellate which has this amazing drum beat to it. The kick and snare are so dirty and nasty that it makes me happy. Then added on top of that this syncopated hi-hat thing that just sets it off. I love it and wanted to do something like it!

The get started I took the feel of what they did on the piano and made my own progression up. A simply E minor to B minor progression that felt right and fit the tempo of the song. From there I found some drum sounds I liked and started creating the beat.

By the time I was done with those simple elements I knew it needed some movement to it before I added some guitar. I hopped in Omnisphere and started playing around and found a really cool moving pad that I was able to tweak and tuck in the mix. It was perfect.

After that was set I pulled out my guitar and found the perfect guitar part (in my opinion) that really set off the vibe of the intro. Check it out and let me know what you think.

The Plan Moving Forward

By the time I laid down my guitar part I had been in session for an hour and so I logged off and decided I would address more this week leading into Thursday session. This coming week I want to be able to finish the song map and finalize recording the moving pad, bass, and foundational guitar parts.

I’m really liking the way everything is shaping up and I can’t wait for Thursday’s session to continue the great work that was started.

Questions: So what are you creating this week? Have you set aside time to do it or are you waiting for inspiration to strike? I say just go for it!


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