Studio FB Live Session 004: The Road Back Home Cont.

Stepping into this week’s session I knew that I needed to get the track completely outlined and then start adding the necessary pieces to set it off. I wasn’t exactly sure how it was going to come together, but I was excited to see what happened.

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Once I was live I spend some time finishing the outline for the track. Decided on verse length, repeated choruses, and how I wanted the bridge to flow. Once I did that I was ready to really make the magic happen. 

The magic that I’m talking about is powerful Copy and Paste. Now that I had the verse and chorus idea down I simply went through and copied the sections and pasted them in order to erect the complete outline.

When I was done the track flow ended up like this:

Intro – Verse – Chorus – Verse 2 – Chorus – Bridge – Chorus – Outro

Next, I moved on and began to try to add some fun layers to it all. First I tried some other moving pad parts but nothing really stuck out. I then tried some piano lines, but again fell short of the magic I was looking for. So after spending a short amount of time kicking stuff around, I decided to go with something that I know very well…my guitar.

I started by focusing on the chorus because I knew if I got that right, the rest of the song would fall into place. I quickly started playing a little line that I thought would work really well, but something was still missing. That’s when I decided to add some “beef” to the track. I quickly recorded a thick guitar line to kick in during the chorus.

That was it!

Once that line was down I was able to layer the original line in there in order to let the chorus find its legs. It fit perfectly!! By the time I did all of that it had been an hour so I jumped offline and decided to pick it back up again the following week.

It was a good creative session and one that set the tone for next week!!

Question: So let me ask you, what are you creating? 


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