Studio FB Live Session 005: Bring It Home

Creative living can be a very difficult and frustrating endeavor. Some days we feel like we know exactly what to do, while other days we want to throw it all in swearing to never pick it up again. I’m pretty sure this happens to me on a monthly basis, but whenever I get to the edge of giving up I’m always thrown a lifeline. That’s exactly what happened last week.

Last week I had the privilege of watching some of my good friend in Veseria release their much-anticipated new album. For weeks they told us that it was an experience they couldn’t wait to share with us, and man did they not disappoint. From the first note to the last they allowed their art to shine and I have to say…it was inspiring.

The Growth

As I sat there and watched them I was taken back to the first time that I ever heard them play. I’m going to say it was 2010, but don’t hold me to the exact year. They were a fresh but raw band then, but something was different now. Still raw and in your face, but the songwriting, the performance, everything was simply stronger.

Now that I reflect back on this idea I can’t help but be inspired by one element that Veseria has always had. Consistency. They don’t stop. When they have a good show or release a solid album they just keep pressing forward. Writing better songs and putting better shows together. They never ever give up and that consistency pays off.

This is what inspires me by what Veseria does day in and day out. Is it hard? I’m sure it is. Do they want to quit? I’m sure there are days, but what separates them from most is that they keep showing up and that is exactly what it takes to be successful at creative living.

I hope this inspires you because they inspired me. Well done Veseria!

This Weeks Live Session

That said, in this weeks session was all about guitars and trying to finishing the “demo” part of this track up. I’m really excited about how this track came together. There still some work to do on it and once it’s done I will post it, but until then enjoy the process of this track.

Question: Have you ever felt like you wanted to give up your creative living?


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