Studio FB Live Session 008: Your Art Is Important

As artists and creatives, we often have a deep desire to make a difference. To somehow make the world we live in a better place. We feel deeply and want others to experience what we feel through our creative expression. But what does that look like?

This past week I came across this quote form Any Crouch,

“Creativity is the only viable source of change.”

If we want to make a difference in the world it honestly starts with us creating something. It doesn’t happen by talking about it. It doesn’t happen by dreaming about it. No, it happens by doing the hard work of creating something. And for us, that is our art.

Most days creating music or painting or photography feels like it does nothing for the world we live in, but I believe our art is exactly what this world needs.

It’s time to rise up and #createyourart

This Weeks Session

In this weeks session, I was able to finish the track and get everything prepped for mix. I really enjoyed the way that everything came together on this one. It’s a mellow piece that allows the guitar parts to shine.

I struggled a little bit with the drums, but after revisiting them the day after this session, I think they landed where they needed to be. I was just trying to be a little aggressive with them. They sit in the mix perfectly now.

I hope you enjoy. I’ve sent the mixed track to my email list and I’ll add it to my SoundCloud account in the next month or so, but if you like what you hear take a second to download my album Phoenix.


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