Studio FB Live Session 010: Rest

Does the creative brain ever shut off? This is a question I have been wrestling with the past few weeks. My mind seems to always be searching for that new and fresh idea. The spark that will ignite the forest fire of creative expression. If I’m honest, it’s pretty exhausting.

Last Thursday I came home after a full day of meetings, planning, and mental exertion just in time for me to sit down and record the weekly Studio FB Live Session. I was tired. Feeling uninspired and struggling to find the desire to create.

It was strange because I had been excited about the session all day. What happened? What changed? Well, as I processed through I realized that for the past month I had been going full steam ahead without a real mental break. Simply put…I was tired.

Once I realized this I knew I had to rest. It also got me thinking about all of us as creatives and how easy it is for us to run a thousand miles an hour without stopping. This isn’t good. Rest is good. We need it in order to sustain our creativity.

This Weeks Session

So as I hit “live” this past Thursday I simply took some time and encouraged all of us (myself included) to find rest in our creative lives…and then I went and did exactly that!

Question: Are you finding enough rest to sustain your creative output? 


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