Studio FB Live Session 013: Even More Artists

Well, we had a few technical difficulties, but we got it done in one way or another. This week I introduce you to two more artists that will be joining me on November 3rd. I also might tell you the name of the first ever band I was in. It’s epic…trust me.

Bradford Smith

Bradford has been interested in and creating art in some form since 5th grade. A general love for drawing, painting, and performing in music has brought him into a world of creating art for others.

As a tattoo artist for the last ten years, he has been discovering how to master one of the hardest medians he has ever experienced. Along that journey, he has found a love for digital art, watercolor, charcoal, and oil painting.

His overall goal is to take his ideas to a creative high point and perform them in excellence, causing the audience to see something new every time.

Instagram: @brad_4rdtattoos

Courtney Brooks

I am Courtney Brooks, and I have a passion for photography. When people ask me what I like to take photos of, the question is tougher to answer than what you would think. I have chosen the pathway of versatility and enjoy photographing, weddings, families, concerts, creatures of the forest, oceans, mountains, the sky, and the list goes on and on. Everywhere I look, there is a potential image waiting to be preserved with the click of a button.

I love being able to see the simplest of things in life and sharing its beauty for all to enjoy. My goal with my art is to share an experience, a place, a smile in a portrait, or the beauty of nature and provide an emotion and hopefully ignite the audiences own passions and appreciations.

When it comes to photographing a national park, I want to be able to share with the audience these gorgeous and breathtaking landscapes that they may never see with their own eyes and provide proof such stunning places exist.

As for many of my photos, the goal is to be able to find a human connection; whether it be present or moments cherished for many years to come. Ultimately timelessness and leaving a positive imprint on society is the goal of any artist!

Facebook: Courtney Brooks Photography


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