Studio FB Live Session 014: The Time Has Arrived

Release week had finally arrived. All of the preparation was done and it was time to let it all fly. I still can’t believe how fast it came and went, but man oh man was it a good time. Watching as everyone came in and begin to experience the interactive art show and then stick around to watch me play some of the tracks live was humbling, to say the least.

Here’s this week’s Studio FB Live that I did from the brewery the night before the release. So fun!

Davey Pelsue

Dave Pelsue was born and raised in Indiana and has loved creating and performing art since he was a child.  Music has been the most predominant way for Dave to express himself starting with a 12-year professional career with his band, Kids in the Way.

He began acting as a child and has continued his love for theater into his adulthood. Now, his new skill and inventiveness falls onto woodworking. His passion for woodworking, carpentry, and home beautification developed when he began working and learning from a local contractor.

Over time, he has gained more knowledge and felt more comfortable using his artistic vision. He loves working with reclaimed and refurbished wood but wanted to step outside what these products are normally used for and create innovative and one of a kind pieces. This skill and his love for music and theater have evolved into a path for him to connect to others, tell a story through his work and even begin turning his art into a career.

Facebook: Pelsue Woodwork and Design

Amanda Keller

Amanda Keller is an artist, storyteller and creative thinker. She was born and raised in Indiana, using her roots as a means to her artistic adventures. Her heart belongs to her craft, turning paintings into whimsical characters, and telling a story using animals and color.

“I believe in the power of the imagination. It invites a real, deep look into our own unique stories and our feelings.  And then sometimes I paint things that don’t take any thought at all. Sometimes cats just need yellow boots with green polka dots because that’s what makes sense.”

She has been given the Nuvo’s Artist Choice of the Year for 2015 and 2016, which she takes seriously in fulfilling that honor. She has been in over 100 shows, has won numerous other awards and is also the art director of a non-profit and the Fountain Square Brewery. You can also find her unique watercolor and acrylic paintings all over the state, including the Indianapolis Zoo, multiple galleries and via her website,, or via Facebook.


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