Studio FB Live Session 015: The Beginning

It happened. I released it. My debut album The Beginning officially launched on Friday, November 3rd at the Fountain Square Brewery. Wow…I’m honestly speechless. This album took over 7 years and lots of fights with self-doubt to complete. I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who helped me make this happen, plus everyone who made it out to the event. It. Was. Epic!

During this weeks session, I took a moment to play the last track on the album, Day 7: Rest. I chose this one because it forces me to stop and reflect. To remember the good, the bad, and the ugly about everything this journey has brought my way.

The Beginning

As we inched closer and closer to 7:00 I wasn’t sure anyone was going to show up. Fear began to whisper in my ear and tell me that I wasn’t good enough. Insecurities convinced me that it all was a stupid idea and no one really cared. I listened for a while, but then something magical happened at 7:00…everyone showed up! The show went off without a hiccup and everyone loved it!

I couldn’t have asked for more!! What a great night celebrating life, art, and community.


What are you creating today? What do you need to create today? Step into it. Don’t give up or lose heart. We need your voice and your art. Now go…



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