Studio FB Live Session 016: Collaboration

During this weeks session of Studio FB Live, we are talking all about collaboration. I recently had the wonderful opportunity to team up with my good buddy John Staub to work on a track we are calling Home. It was a grand experiment because John and I had never worked together before, but we decided to try it anyway and I think you’ll like what you hear.

Getting Started

I have to be honest with you when John called me I wasn’t really in the mood to create. It had been a long day and I wasn’t “feeling it” when it came to putting ideas down. That said, I decided that I needed to press through because creating only when you feel like it will get you nowhere.

John told me that he wanted to write a song about going home. It was almost Thanksgiving and he was thinking about home and wanted to use that as a metaphor for a song idea. As soon as he told me that I could hear the track in my head. My goal was to put music that made you feel like you were driving down the interstate late at night on your way home.

Putting It Together

I decided it needed to be the same chord progression the whole song because I wanted it to be a metaphor for the roads you drive home every day. They are familiar, consistent and easily overlooked. I played with a few ideas but then found what I consider to be the perfect chord progression.

As soon as I had the foundation I was able to add an arpeggiated synth and a killer drum loop that set the track off. Then when John’s vocal comes in it brings it all together!!

The Session

Although I really feel the track came together I was a little frustrated during the live session. Some of the ideas I was trying to add to finalize the track just wasn’t working. I tried and tried but it didn’t come together. That said, sometimes you just have to show up no matter what and so that’s what I did. In that I find success.

The final track will be done soon, but until then enjoy this little clip.

Alright…now it’s your turn.


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