Studio FB Live Session 018: Guitar Haven

Over the past couple of years, as I have been begun to create more and more instrumental music, it has forced me to brush up on my piano skills. For most of my life, I have solely been a guitar player and never really wanted to be anything more, but I have adapted over the years out of necessity. That said, I want to get back to my roots this week during this session of Studio FB Live!

Guitar Haven

This week I wanted to try and create as much of a music bed using a guitar as I could. The first thing I did was get a basic guitar line down, something to keep it all moving. I wanted it to be dark and haunting with some hits throughout. (Check out minute 7:20 for that.)

Once I got that set, I used my wonderful Blue Sky reverb pedal to help me create a pad like sound that really set off the haunting vibe I was going for. I love the way this turned out. (Check out minute 15:00 for that.)

Finally, I added a high single note lead line using my Whammy pedal to give it some movement. The Whammy adds an octave above the note I’m playing so it creates a nice thick sound. (Check out minute 26:10 for that.)

Final Touches

To finish up the track I added a heartbeat type drum loop to bring in a little “anticipation” to what was happening. (Check out minute 43:44 for that.) Once I had that down I caped it all off with an arpeggiated synth to give the end some more movement. (Check out minute 49:00 for that.) I really liked how it came together. Now I just need to mix it and get it to New York!

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