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Studio FB Live Session 019: micro KORG Rebirth

When I was in college I picked up a cutting-edge new synthesizer called the Micro Korg. This thing was so was fun to mess around with. The sounds it produced was like nothing I knew as a guitar player. Arpegiators, synth leads, full drum loops were right there at the click of the keyboard. Although it was a super awesome piece of gear, I lost purpose for it over the years. Until I found it in the back of a closet last week…

micro KORG

Crossing my fingers I hit the power button hoping that I would see dull lights comes to life. I was pleasantly surprised as they all did. It was alive!! I quickly ran through some sounds and was instantly reminded of why I loved this synth. So many rich and full tones that could really set a track off. Before I knew it I had a few ideas rolling and I was ready for my session to get started so I could see what would happen.

The Session

During the session, I came out of the gate swinging. I found a few really cool movements that had a Stranger Things vibe to it…which I love. But something just wasn’t sitting right with me. Maybe it was the head cold, I just couldn’t find the spark. Time and time again I tried different ideas, different sounds, anything that would give me the spark that I so desperately needed. It never came.

I was disappointed but understand that the creative process is sometimes just showing up and no walking away with something. As frustrating as it was I think I can revisit the idea at some point and come out with something magical. Until then I will chalk this one up as a job well done for simply showing up!

Create Your Art

I hope you enjoy the random ideas that I was throwing out here, but I also hope it serves as a small lesson to the idea of simply showing up each and every day no matter what. The creative process is fickle and can be really frustrating, but the call to it runs deeper than giving up on a bad night.

Keep going. Keep creating. Your voice is needed!


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