Studio FB Live 023: Fresh Start

I love being able to walk into the studio with no idea at all and walk out with something created and moving forward. That’s what this week’s Studio FB Live Session was all about. I purposefully walked in without an idea in hopes that within an hour I could have something presentable. I wasn’t looking for done, I was looking for a start. I think I did exactly that!

The Session

Whenever I’m trying to discover new ideas I like to try and find a rhythm to help spark inspiration. How I like to do this is by utilizing the tools inside of Logic Pro. There is a cool option where I can have Logic create a drumbeat for me. It’s called drummer. (I know…crazy unique name, right?) Basically, you put in the style and vibe you are shooting for and it spits out a beat. Really simple. Really easy.

Once I have a beat I then go through and begin to change the stock samples with some high-end samples I have and love. I’ll find a different kick sound, then a killer snare, and so on… This allows me to use what was given to me in Logic but then expand on it and make it more my own. I love this for gathering ideas.

From there I will begin to play around with some synth sounds or guitar parts that will help the track come to life. On this particular track, I found a really cool arpeggiated synth sound that sparked some ideas so I quickly recorded it. Before I knew it the track was coming together and I was able to map out most of the song in a few minutes.

Moving Forward

My next move is to add some really nice textured guitar parts to bring it all together. I would also love to have a vocalist on this one so I’m thinking about how to set it up and really allow the vocals to pop. We’ll see how it comes together.

I love the way this track is heading and I’m excited to finish it and get some feedback on it. Stay tuned because there is more to come!


What are you creating today? Do whatever it takes to step into it. Your voice is needed.

Now go #CreateYourArt

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