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Studio FB Live Session 025: The Ghost Returns

Oh man, was this a great Studio FB Live Session!! I had my buddy John Staub (Windowsoul) join me for another writing session this week. This one wasn’t as “easy” as the first time, but we pushed through and started a great song called Congratulations. I think you will like it…check it out.

The Session

To start out this week’s session John and I showcased a song we started in Session 021 called The Ghost and The Guide. It’s crazy to think that we sat down on a Thursday night, LIVE, and came up with this song. I love the laidback bluesy vibe it has and I love how John took my title idea and created this around it.

Once we showcased The Ghost and The Guide we started the new idea…

This time we wanted to write a song that would be a great fit for the first song played at a show. Something that hits hard and is catchy and sucks the audience in for the rest of the show. Might have been a tall order, but we took the challenge.

I had a musical idea that I was hearing in my head on the way to the session, it wasn’t anything fancy but it got us started. We quickly had a verse vibe and John began crafting the lyrics.

The Idea

He had a big idea that he was trying to fit into this song. In fact, I can’t even do it justice so go watch it above if you are interested in the content of the song. Before long he was on it and spinning some ideas. The verse ended up sounding a something Beck would do and that allowed us to transition into the chorus quickly.

The chorus started off sounding a little bit like nineties rock anthem, but we went with it. In fact, we kinda liked it!

Before we knew it our hour was up and we had a full verse and chorus, plus the start of a second verse. Once again we were shocked at how much we were able to accomplish when we simply set aside time and forced ourselves to keep at it.

The Challenge

The challenge for you this week is to set a time to create and force yourself to finish something. A few pages of your book, that recipe you always wanted to try, or the painting you have been putting off. Dive into it. Don’t hesitate. It’s time to get started and…




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