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Studio FB Live Session 026: The Key of Consistency

How do you take a song and begin the production process? That’s what this week’s session was all about. A few weeks back my buddy John and I finished up The Ghost and The Guide, a killer song we wrote back in Session 021. So this week I decided to begin the production process and see what would come of it all. I think I had a great start to something beautiful. But I’ll let you be the judge.

My Daughter

I started the session with a story about my daughter, Story. Ever since she was born I have said to her, “hey Story you know what?” She always says, “what?” And I say, “I love you.” Then I say, “you know something else?” And I add, “you are beautiful.”

I’ve said this more times than I can remember and the other day when we were in the car she said, “hey Dad you know what…” And proceeded to say the whole sequence to me, the beautiful part and all. I was laughing so hard because I realized that my consistency brought her around to what I was saying to her and it was beginning to stick.

I love this because it shows what consistency can do for us in our own lives and in our art. We just need to keep showing up and putting in the work and our consistency will carry us to places we never knew were imaginable. This is why I do Studio FB Live and why I’m working so hard on staying consistent. It’s important and needed in this life.

The Session

As I dove into the song I had an idea of what I wanted to flush out. It was basically a simple guitar line with a pad and a simple melody line. It worked really well and as I dove into it, it really started to help the song take shape. Once the guitar line was done, the drumbeat started to make sense and the track began to write itself. It was fun!

It has a different synth lead line at the beginning that I doubled with a guitar line to really help it stand out. 

The kick and snare groove is something I really dig. 

Although there’s much more to layer on, it’s a great start to a fun track. 


I can’t wait to be able to share this track with you, but until then stay tuned because I’ll post The Ghost and The Guide as soon as it’s complete. Until then continue to create your art and use your voice to speak love into this world. It’s needed. You’re needed. Let’s go!



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