Studio FB Live Session 030: Snowing In Springtime

I’m pretty sure that most of the United States are upset about this crazy “springtime” weather. Right when we think that Winter is over and Spring has arrived…bam! Back to Winter. haha. With this being the case my buddy John (aka Valpo) and I decided to write a song about it snowing in Springtime.


Valpo had the initial idea to write about waking up to another snow-covered morning when that happened to us in Indiana last week. He wanted to use that as a metaphor for life and how sometimes we think we have moved on or healded from our past but then it snows in springtime…

I loved this idea so I begin to play an electric piano part that gave the idea of snowfall. Simple but beautiful. As soon as I played it for Valpo he was all in and the idea started to take shape.

John is an amazing lyricist so the first verse came fast. Then before you know it a chorus kinda fell out. It was an amazingly slow and vibey track that was full of heartache but yet offered hope.

I love the way it came together.


After going live we spent a few minutes touching up some lyrics and then called it a day. The next day John called me with a ton of edits and new ideas that really brought the song to life and we ended up finishing the demo that day.

Sometimes a song is a battle and other times it comes easily. This one was pretty easy. I’m really excited to see how the full demo takes shape.

Done, done, on to the next one!



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