Studio FB Live Session 031: Looking to the Stars

The creative process is a funny one. There are days when inspiration hits before my feet hit the ground, other days when I don’t even feel like trying. If you talk to creatives you will hear this more echoed often then not.

It happens and some might even say it’s part of the process. With that said I am trying my hardest to show up each and every day regardless of how inspired I feel.

That is exactly what happened during this session. Before I went live I wasn’t really “feeling it” but I choose to put in the time regardless.

I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. It wasn’t the most amazing session or anything like that, but I got some work done even when I wasn’t feeling inspired.

So what are you working on? What are you creating? No matter how you feel today, put in the time and create something beautiful.

The world needs your voice.



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