Studio FB Live Session 032: The Unknown


Whenever you are consistently creating new music some song seem to land better than other ones. Sometimes you connect to one song more than other ones, and sometimes you just LOVE creating whatever song you are creating.

That’s exactly what happened during this week’s session of Studio FB Live.

My buddy John, aka Valpo, was back with me this week and we decided to write a song about the unknown. We both had some personal situations that were unknown so we wanted to channel that and put it in a song.

Over the past few months, I have been listening to a lot of indie pop music like Lorde, Purity Ring, and Bishop Briggs so I wanted to create something fun like that. The main idea was to have a big singalong section during the song at some point.

I love the way it landed (check out 13:20)

As we pressed on we landed on the idea of “believing there’s something more.” We understand that the unknown is scary and well…unknown, but we wanted to highlight the fact that we were believing there was something more beyond the unknown.

No matter what you are facing today believe with me that there is something more beyond the unknown. You are an artist and your voice is needed in this work. You are also loved more than you could ever imagine.

Step in. Embrace your life. #CreateYourArt

Check out 46:42 to hear the full verse and chorus idea!


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