Breaking The Silence With Something New

Sometimes you have to try new things. To throw ideas against the wall and see what sticks. It’s been a while since my last post, but I’m excited about how I’m going to try and move this forward. I’m not totally sure where this is going or how it will pan out, but let’s go for it anyway.

Last week I tried FB live for the first time. My goal was to play a track from my upcoming album, but more than that it was to see if I could actually push the live button and go for it. I did it so I’ll take that as a success for now. The response to the track was overwhelming and I was blown away by all the comments, likes, and shares.

The Track

The track I played was Day 4 Movement V. It’s a track about The Creator placing the Sun, Moon, and Starts in their place. It starts out musically depicting the stars. A playful and spacious idea that I feel really came together well. From there it bottoms out and begins what I consider to be a sunrise. Layer after layer are being added to represent the rising of the sun. After it is all said and done the piano line that starts the track loops back around. I love this because it all ends where it begins and could be played as an infinite loop.

Moving Forward

I also mentioned a little experiment I am going to be doing where I will be jumping on Facebook Live every week on Thursdays at 6:30. This is a place where I invite you into my creative space and let you into what’s going on behind the scene. I feel like this is a fun idea, but who knows…I guess we’ll find out. That said, I hope you can join me this Thursday at 6:30!

The Album Release

I also talk a little bit about my album release. When it is and where it will be. But that’s all I will say about that, you will have to watch the video above to get all of the details.

What about you?

That said, what are you working on? I would love to hear what you are creating or even what you would like to create.

It’s time to get to work!!



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