Sometimes The Best Thing Is The Hardest Thing

I’ve always been scared to try new things. To step into unknown territory and embrace true adventure. I like to play it safe. Maybe you’ll remember this from a story I told you last year about a few friends and I boating this summer.

Funny stuff…

This really comes to life when I am faced with trying new foods. Especially foods that don’t look like they should be called food. If it looks gross, you can count me out. (Like potato salad. Who eats that stuff? Nasty…)

Growing Older

Anyway, as I grow older I have come to realize that I actually like some of the foods that were on the “no way ever” list for so long. Guacamole…delicious. Sushi…on point. Pizza with more than just pepperoni…decent…but still not better than just pepperoni.

What I’m learning (in more ways than just food) is that letting go of what I always assumed or expected allows us to grow. Sometimes we have to let go of our silly food habits. Other times we need to let go of our past. Our mistakes. Even what others think about us.

That is what this week’s track is about. The adventure and often the wrestle of what it means to let go.

Fun Fact

Here’s a fun little “behind the scenes” of this track. Musically there is something called a suspended chord. When played right they are filled with tension. Your ear calls for it to resolve. If you aren’t musical it’s a chord that makes you feel uneasy, like it’s not complete.

Throughout the track, I play the same suspended chord, up until the very last one you hear. I did this because when you need to let go of something it’s often a struggle. You wrestle with it. You are often filled with tension up until the very point where you can fully let go. So throughout this track, you will hear this tension that isn’t released until the very last moment.

I consider it a part of the journey of letting go. It’s difficult and filled with tension, but it can and will resolve. Check it out…

Question: What are you trying to let go? Spend some time listening to this track and allow healing to take place. 


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