Is Songwriting The Breakthrough Your Church Needs

Whenever you talk songwriting within the church you can guarantee the names Hillsong, Elevation, or Jesus Culture will come up. It was only a few years ago that churches that wrote their own music were few and far between. Now it’s like everyone is doing it. But is it right for you and your church? I believe it is very important that every church considers writing their own songs. Here’s why.

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I remember when I heard that our music ministry was going to start writing their own songs. At the time, it sounded fun, mainly because it just seemed cool that we could say we wrote that song. I didn’t really know why. I do remember thinking to myself, “Isn’t songwriting done by professionals? Who are we to write songs?” 

Little did I know the impact it would have on our church. Over the next few years, our songs would end of going beyond our walls and begin to make an impact on the global church. Never in a million years did I think that one simple conversation I overheard years before would turn into what it was.

Even more exciting was what happened within our walls. Our songs became anthems that unified our congregation. They grew us closer together and closer to God. What God was doing in an individual songwriter became what God was doing in our church as a whole. Music became something personal for everyone and not just something to get through before the message.

Within a short time, the energy and passion began to spill out all over the church. Unity between department. Unity within the people. It was an exciting time to be a part of that congregation.


I truly believe that every church should consider writing their own songs. When I say that I don’t mean that you should strive to be the next Hillsong United. But you should take the idea of creating new and fresh worship songs seriously.

There is something powerful about a church that uses the arts, especially music, to capture the essence of what God is doing among them. I like to say that music is the language of Heaven. It speaks to us on a level that we can’t put into words. No one can argue that music doesn’t have an effect on them.

Maybe writing songs for your church has never crossed your mind. Maybe you feel like I did, that songwriting is only for the professionals.  No matter where you are today let me encourage you with three reasons to why your church should be writing songs.

  1. Songs Unify

Like I shared in the story above, songs have the power to unify a church like never before. When God songs start to be written from the heart of a songwriter something amazing begins to happen. It brings people together. Maybe there has been a tragedy in your church and songs of lament and pain begin to be written. Lyrics that talk about trusting God in the pain begin to bring comfort to many. This will unify a church very quickly.

Imagine how your church could unify if you only began to write the songs to help them.

  1. Songs Simplify

A good song tells a great story. Stories are powerful because they help simplify complex ideas. Jesus spoke in parables (stories) so that we could understand the complex idea of the kingdom of God. This is what a song can do for a congregation. When you begin to write about God’s character and who he is, it helps others understand who God is. That is a powerful thing. One that should be taken seriously. We have the ability to craft a lyric and a melody that will stick in the hearts of those who hear it and connect them with God.

Imagine how your church would grow if you began to write the songs to help them.

  1. Songs Give New Perspective

I grew up reading the NIV version of the Bible. I can remember the first time I read the Message version. I was blown away. Verses that I had heard a thousand times before suddenly took on new life. I began to see God from a new way. What changed? Simply put it was my perspective. I had been stuck reading the same verses over and over, so it was easy for me to glance by certain parts because I had read them so many times. The new version came with a new perspective. The same is true with new worship songs.

Imagine the fresh perspective your church would gain if you began to write the songs to help them.


Now I want to be clear. I’m not saying that in order to be a great church you have to write you own songs. But I do hope you will see the power that comes with doing so. If you choose to walk the path of crafting your own worship songs know that it will be hard work. You can’t half-heartedly try your hand at it. Bad songs are still bad songs.

If you choose to jump in I know that you won’t regret it. You will grow. Your church will grow. Some cool things will begin to happen. Don’t worry about your songs being on the radio. Don’t worry about becoming the next David Crowder. Just write about what God is doing in you and your church. Then step back and watch what he does with them.

Will you join me?

Question: Does your church write their own songs? Do you think that songwriting is the breakthrough your church needs?



  1. Great read. The leadership of the worship team at my church has been dabbling with this idea, and we believe that when we all (as a group) are fully surrendered to the Holy Spirit in freedom and truth, he will guide us to create music that will both unify us and glorify His name even more. It’s our desire that these songs are produced organically; that every word and every chord would be directed by the Author of creation.

    1. Dean,

      I’m glad that you and your team are considering stepping out into creating new and fresh songs. I believe it will be the best decision you can make. I also love that you want these songs to come from the heart of God. That’s important.

      One thing I will encourage you in (or maybe just remind you) is that songwriting takes work. It doesn’t come simply by waiting on God to give them to you. Yes, he will direct and help you, but you and your team have to put in the time and effort.

      I only say that because I have been victim to thinking that if I wait long enough I’ll be given great songs. No, I was given great songs when I stepped out and began the work. The same will happen with you and your team. Step out and watch what God does.

      Blessings to you and your team. Can’t wait to hear the cool stories that comes from it. Keep it up!

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