Studio FB Live Session 017: Stranger Things

This session of Studio FB Live is all about music for tv/film. I have a pretty cool opportunity to be able to begin to create some music for tv/film. This is really exciting for me because I have always had this secret desire to score a film, so this is the start of a journey that I can only hope leads me there.


If you are anything like me you have been obsessed with Stranger Things. I’m not a fan just because the show is well done, but because the soundtrack is absolutely killer!! So as I sat down to create a track I wanted to take inspiration from the show to create my track.

I called this one Ember In The Night because I wanted to create something around the idea of the floating embers in the sky as you sit around the fire at night. It was fun trying out new sounds and trying to bring this idea to life. I used a lot of arpeggiated synths to lay the foundation. From there I began to layer in more and more to fill it out. I think it came together nicely.


Let me take a second to encourage you to stop and take a second to be thankful. No matter what you are facing in life there is something you can find to be thankful for, even if it seems petty. Your voice is needed. You are loved more than you can ever imagine. Take a second to think about that.

Now go #CreateYourArt

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