It’s Time To Allow The Stillness To Birth Clarity

I learned something about myself this week. It’s something that I probably should have known, but I guess I never really paid attention to it. My brain is always on. Always dreaming, thinking, contemplating, creating. It will run at 100% all day long if I don’t consciously try to slow it down.

Last week the alarm went off and my brain went with it. I had a ton to get done so I didn’t really think about what I was thinking about. All day I went from place to place, meeting to meeting, all in an effort to accomplish my to-do list. 

As the day went on I felt more and more overwhelmed. My list seemed to get longer instead of shorter. It was only 1:30 and I was already spent.

Finally laying my head down that night it hit me that my head was still spinning. Spinning with random thoughts, possible outcomes, and creative ideas I wanted to accomplish. My head was so full that everything seemed complicated and like I was walking through mud.

What To Do?

It was in that moment that I realized I never stopped to calm my mind at the start of the day. This is important because I have learned (for me) that if I don’t stop to do this I get lost in my own thoughts.

Meditation. Prayer. Preparation for the day. These are all exercises I need to practice in order to make sure I am effective throughout the day. If I don’t do them I can tell. I accomplish very little and feel overwhelmed most of the day.


Maybe you can relate to that too. That’s what this week’s track is all about. Giving you some focused time to mentally let go and allow the stillness to bring about clarity. So, take some time to push play and allow your mind to calm down and bring a new sense of peace with it. Enjoy.

Question: Do you have a daily practice of calming your mind? What works best for you?


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