Hey everyone…

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and check out my blog.

You know, there are two reasons why I started this blog.

  1. To be an inspiration.
  2. To be a voice of hope.

As artists and creatives we spend a lot of time comparing what we do to everyone else. When we do, often times our inspiration gets zapped and we just walk away. I hope I can help inspire you to keep going! I also want to be a voice of hope because the world needs the art that is inside of you. Keep going. Keep pushing. #CreateYourArt

What You Can Expect

Well, what you can expect from me in the weeks to come is to post a new blog each week on Tuesdays. You can get them directly to your inbox by subscribing in the side bar. (Do it!) As a thank you I’ll give you the CreateYourArt Toolkit: 11 tips to help inspire creativity everyday.

I also will be posting a new podcast each month on the 15th. The #CreateYourArt Podcast is a great way to find hope and inspiration as I interview other artists and creatives about their process and how they overcome fear to do their best work.

Connect With Me

I would love to hear from you and learn more about what you are creating. Connect with me on social media where I post about my life and what inspires me to create. You can find the list of where I’m at on my Contact Page. Also, feel free to email anytime with any thoughts, questions, or requests you might have.

You can always get more information about me on my About Page.
Thanks again for stopping by. Now go #CreateYourArt.


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