Why Permission was Exactly What I Needed

My jaw almost hit the floor.


No way…

I remember thinking, “I can do that?”

They stared back at me, their eyes almost piercing. They asked again, “When are you going to write your own songs?” It was such an innocent question, but yet it was the first time in my short musical career that I was confronted with the possibility of creating my own music.

I didn’t know what to say. I was speechless.

You see I had been playing guitar for about 5 years at this point, and up until then I had just simply been the “guitar player”. Songwriting was someone else’s responsibility, not mine. So as you can tell I was a little taken back when someone looked at me and asked when I was going to start writing songs.

“Ummmm, ummmm….I can’t write songs” I said to him.

“Sure you can, you’re a writer”. Once again my jaw was on the floor.

It was in that moment something snapped. It must have been the levy that was holding the dam together because when he said that, it was game on.

It became like a drug, something I had to do. Nothing was going to stand in my way because I was given permission to write…and so I did!


Have you had an experience like that yet? A moment when you realize that you can create the very thing that is burning inside of you. It’s no longer something cool that someone else gets do, but it’s something you get to do.

If you haven’t had a moment like that in your life, buckle up, because it’s your turn. Right now in this moment, as you read this blog, I want you to hear one thing and one thing only from me.

Today, you have permission to create your art. Click To Tweet

Let’s go a little deeper with that…

I give you permission to [insert your art here]

Maybe it’s writing songs like me, or perhaps it’s writing a book or starting a business. Maybe it’s finally being ok with the fact that you love to cook and so you are going to do so with passion and desire for the first time in your life.

Whatever you art is, you have permission to create today.


I must give a disclaimer here. When you finally embrace your art and begin to allow the creativity to flow, it will be the hardest thing you have ever done. If you are not one to scare easily, be ready, because when you find your art it’s like someone unleashes your worst nightmare to come and get you.

Maybe that’s how we know that we are onto something, when it scares us to death. But no matter how afraid you may become, keep going!


What would it look like if we all, as a community, began to embrace the art that is inside of us? What would our lives look like? What would our communities look like?

I believe that when we are finally given permission to create, the world will be a better place. We’ll face our fears and scream to universe, “here I am”. And in doing so others lives will be changed because of the art that what we create.


So you maybe asking, where do we go from here?

Well, let’s start with a little exercise. Grab a 3×5 card or a post it note and write this down.

I am a…(insert your art). Click To Tweet

Once you do this, read it out loud to yourself. Once again… Now one more time.

Next, I want you to do something that is really scary. I want you to tell a friend or a family member what you wrote down.

Keep the card with you all day. Every once in a while pull it out and read it to yourself. Do this until you begin to believe what you wrote down.

If all else fails, just know that today…

I give you permission to create your art. Trust me…the world needs it!

Question: Were you ever given permission to start? If so, who helped you begin?




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