New Music Friday 11/9/18

What a fun week for #newmusicfriday! 

This week I spent Thursday and Friday at the Multiply Conference here in Indianapolis, IN. I was playing the event with my boys in the Aaron Pelsue Band

We kicked off the event and then played a full set Thursday night. It was a long few days but it was an absolute blast! 

I love sharing the stage with those guys! 

New Music

Because of this I didn’t get through a ton of new music but there are a few highlights I want to point out for sure! 

I started off with the Jon Bellion record. I absolutely loved the singles he released leading up to the release so I was really excited to see how it all came together. 

It didn’t disappoint.  

From there I hit the new Sufjan Stevens EP, Lonely Man of Winter he did with Alec Duffy that was perfect for the weather in Indianapolis that day.  


Side Note

Which bring me to a point I want to make about Christmas music before Thanksgiving...


Ok rant over... 


Although there was more Christmas music being released than I ever want to see before Thanksgiving I continued my new music search with the following: 

The Winner

Although 95% of the music I checked out was great I have to give this weeks trophy to Crowder’s I Know A Ghost. 


I think this one hit me because I wasn’t expecting it. I’ve always loved Crowder and his unique musicial spin, but something about this album was unexpected. 

The mix of hip-hop beats and old soul bluegrass is refreshingly unique and a lot of fun to listen to. So, if you haven’t had a checked to check it out yet, do yourself a favor and get on it.  

Runner Up

In a close second I have to give the guys in Nightly the trophy. Ever since I saw these guys play at the Hi-Fi I have been a huge fan. There’s just something about their music that I can’t get away from. Haunting and beautiful is how I would describe it. Fun listen for sure. 


What a great new music Friday! 

I hope you got a chance to check out a few new artists and dig into their art. These artists put a lot of work into their music and gaining fans is always humbling. 

If you didn’t get a chance go now and check out some of these album. Good stuff for sure. 


Until next time remember this: You are an artist. Your voice is needed in this world more than you know and you are loved more than you can imagine. 

Now go #createyourart

P.S. You can download my new interactive single, Finding Oasis today by clicking the bottom below. I hope you enjoy it!!