New Music Friday Overview

New Music Friday Overview

I love #newmusicfriday!  

I am always looking for new artists that I’ve never experienced before. To find that one track that hits me just right.

My Process

Every Friday I start by searching Spotify to see if any of my favorite artists have sprung something new on me without me knowing it.

From there I use a very sophisticated system called which album cover looks the coolest to me. (I know I know...sounds complicated)

Following that I check out any local musicians or friends who have something new to offer. I always love this part because we have some amazing local talent crushing it right now.

Finally, I will go through any recommendations sent to me throughout the day. Those are always good for some unexpected gems.

(That said, if you have any suggestions share them in the comments below.)

The Winner

Alright, so here’s this weeks #newmusicfriday winner... 


VHS came out swinging with their album, Retrofuterism. I wasn’t expecting an album from them so I must say it hit the spot. 

Runner Up

Runner up for the day has to be Jon Bellion’s new single, Stupid Deep. 


The lyrics are so honest and so cutting that it made me sit back in my chair as I listened. I was absolutely blown away and I love it!  

Here are some honorable mentions: 

Imagine Dragons

Rival Sons




Anyway. It was a good new music week. I hope you listened to some good jams and found your oasis for a little bit. 


Until next week, remember you are an artist and your voice is needed in this world more than you know, and you are loved more than you could ever imagine.  

Go #createyourart 

P.S. You can download my new interactive single, Finding Oasis, below.