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Working with Valpo, the artist.

My buddy Valpo, the artist and I decided to start collaborating on a few tracks a while back. To get us started we did something a little out of the norm and wrote live on Facebook. We set a goal to at least have a verse and chorus done within an hour of going live. You can see how it came together in the video below.


Here's the final version to see where we ended up:

Collaborating with me...

Do you want to collaborate? I love working with other producers and songwriters. The collaborative process is so fun and exciting and something I feel stretches my creative abilities in ways I never knew were possible. But before you reach out let me tell you who I work best with.

Here's the basic criteria:

  1. You must have a positive attitude. When it comes to my creative space I want to work with others who have a positive outlook on what they create. Yes, life can be hard, but for me I choose to see the good in and around me and I want to work with those who do too.

  2. You must be passionate, driven, and ready to work. I love creating but it's really easy for us creatives to start a project, idea, or song and abandon it only to never pick it up again. Yes, there is an ebb and flow to the creative process but I want to start and finish projects with others who do too.

  3. You must come to the table with an idea. What I mean by that is when you reach out just let me know what your idea is for our project. Is it a song about X? Is it an EP you want to do? A remix? Don't just say you want to collaborate, let me know what you want to collaborate on. This is a huge help to get started.

If that sounds like you, let's get started by simply clicking the button below!